Page Content Guidelines

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Zwire2204 has carefully developed the following page content guidelines to promote the free flowing exchange of ideas about your interests, activities and hobbies, and at the same time maintain standards consistent with the Internet community and the societies of the world at large. These policies apply to both free community sites and commercial sites.

Zwire2204 does not discriminate based on sex, age, gender, sexual orientation, gender orientation, ethnicity, culture, religion or socio-economic status.

Our free sites are only for LOCAL ORGANIZATIONS or Organizations with information that is RELEVANT to the LOCAL COMMUNITY.
(Relevance is decided solely by the site manager.)

Please refrain from using your free Home Page for the following activities:

  • Using ANY HTML except <b> <em> <ol> <ul> & <li> ;
  • Using any ASCII Special Characters;
  • Displaying material containing nudity or pornographic material of any kind;
  • Providing material that is grossly offensive to the online or offline communities, including blatant expressions of bigotry, prejudice, racism, hatred, or profanity;
  • Promoting, providing, or hyperlinking to instructional information about illegal activities, promoting physical harm or injury against any group or individual, or promoting any act of cruelty to animals;
  • Defaming any person or group;
  • Using your free Home Pages for commercial purposes, including but not limited to the following:

    • Offering for sale any products or services;
    • Soliciting for advertisers or sponsors;
    • Displaying a sponsorship banner of any kind, including those that are generated by banner or link exchange services;
    • Displaying banners for services that provide payment of any kind, including "prizes" or any other form of non-cash compensation, to users in exchange for hyperlinks to their web site;
    • Promoting or soliciting for participation in multi-level marketing or pyramid schemes. Please visit the FTC web page for more information regarding money making schemes;;
    • Conducting raffles or contests that require or request any type of entry fee;

  • Displaying material that exploits children under 18 years of age in any way, including but not limited to: child pornography, either visual or text based; promoting of providing hyperlinks to sites that publish or promote child exploitative material;
  • Developing restricted or password-only access pages, or hidden pages or images (those not linked to from another accessible page);
  • Using your free page (or directory) as storage for remote loading or as a doorway or signpost to another home page, whether inside or beyond this server;
  • Using your page for acts of copyright, trademark, patent, trade secret or other intellectual property infringement, including but not limited to offering pirated computer programs or links to such programs, information used to circumvent manufacturer-installed copy-protect devices, including serial or registration numbers for software programs, or any type of cracker utilities (this also includes files which are solely intended for game emulation);
  • Violating Internet standards for the purpose of promoting your home page;
  • Developing pages that consist of hyperlinks to content not allowed on this server;
  • Using your site or this server for the purpose of gathering personally identifiable information for any purpose: legal, commercial, or unlawful;
  • Posting or disclosing any personally identifiable information belonging to children. [Kids: For your safety, do not put your your real name, address, phone number, e-mail or other information like that on your web page or give it to strangers.]
Organizations and individuals who are in violation of these policies may have their pages or portions of their pages, removed without warning, at the sole discretion of the provider of this service.

If you have any questions about these policies, contact the Site Administrator

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